This site is here to help two sets of people. I will write articles and guides for autistic people, to help them navigate the world and situations that may be challenging. I will also write articles and provide information for the parents of autistic people, to help them understand and provide for their children. There is so much information out there but it is often hard to harness or understand it. Not to mention that most of us can’t trawl through the many sites, books and services that might be able to help. I hope to condense this information in a way that is more helpful and easier to understand. I am always open to requests for particular topics or input on anything I write, so please get in touch in the comments section or on Instagram (@keepingstars).


Annie. 26. I am a writer, reader, mum and academic (in no particular order). I have autism (diagnosed at 14) and have a form of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is still being investigated. The two don’t mix very well. I have sensory processing disorder and I understand the world through touch. I love my autism and I can’t imagine my life without it but I wish awareness and understanding was bigger in the world. I spent years working with SEN children in schools and children’s homes and I work with autism charities and the NHS to further awareness and direct autism research in the right directions.

My favourite things are old typewriters, new paints, the same seat in church and the same Netflix shows over and over again. I have a dog called Daisy who likes to sleep under blankets and eats everything except her food. I love to bake good cakes and drink good coffee. My safe space is Cafe W in the Waterstones bookshop with a mocha and some vegan Battenburg cake. I love to hope and I block out noise with music in my headphones. My world revolves around my son, Noah, who also has autism; we journey together.